Doll Design Contest

To kick off the restart of my blog I'd like to have a little doll contest! This is for anyone of all ages and skill levels to participate in. I'm giving you the chance to design your very own fairy or animal doll and have it made by me!

I want you to get creative with this. If you've seen one of my designs but you want glittery purple hair and a tutu instead, then do it! Want a fairy doll with green skin? I love it! Maybe you've written a short story about space rabbits? Use one of your characters as the inspiration for your design! Do they have a story? A favorite food? Choose any hair color, skin tone, hair style, clothing or accessories you like. I'll be choosing a winner based on the design I like the best. Since the contest is open to all ages the skill of the drawing isn't the important factor, it's the design!

Grand Prize: A custom made doll based on your winning design!
First Runner Up: A free giclee print, a postcard pack, and a 30% off coupon for
Second Runner Up: A postcard pack and a 10% off coupon for

Below I've provided six coloring pages for you to use to design your doll. Cut them out, collage them together, color them with markers/crayons/colored pencil/paint/glitter/etc, but have fun! You are welcome to branch out from the designs I've created if you're comfortable with that. You can also color or assemble your design in Photoshop or whatever design program you're comfortable with. This is a great rainy day kid activity too! I know I'm gonna be using these coloring sheets with my kids for sure.

How to enter:

1. Download the .pdf with this link here! (Link opens a .pdf file through Google drive)
2. Design either a fairy or animal doll using the body and accessory templates provided or draw your own!
3. Post your finished design on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #smallthingsdollcontest and tag me @alyssarspencer. Be sure to give a brief description of your design as well. For kids they can post to their parent's pages.
4. Contest ends on Saturday May 2nd! midnight EST. Winners will be announced on Sunday May 3rd!

The Fine Print (please read!):
-Please keep all designs original (so no Batman or Harry Potter).
-You are welcome to use this printable for personal use only but do not alter or change the files to use outside the confines of this contest. No commercial use is permitted.
-Multiple entries are accepted, though only one will be chosen.
-Once a winner is chosen I will announce and tag the winner on both Twitter and Instagram. If the first winner fails to respond within 48 hours either through direct message or email, I will move to the first runner up, and then second, and so on.
-While I'll do my best to fully realize your design choices, there are some limitations as far as materials and methods. I reserve the right to slightly alter any design choices to more completely execute the final design. I will consult with you if I have to make these changes, such as if I can't find a perfectly matching fabric or hair color, but I will do my best to be as faithful to the original design as possible.
-All designs will be built off my original fairy friend and animal friend patterns.
-Both domestic and international participants are welcome! If an international winner is chosen they are responsible for any import fees or taxes though shipping will be on me.

I'm so excited for this contest and I can't wait to see everyone's entries! Feel free to share this contest and get the word out!