Fairy Babies

I'm so desperate for Spring. I needed a little pick me up to beat these winter blues so I pulled some of my favorite fabrics and crafted these little baby fairies to go with my bigger fairy dolls. I painted their faces and used wool felt, cotton fabric, and scrap bits of colorful yarn, mostly wool blends but a little acrylic yarn with sparkles too. Because, well, sparkles. They're about 4" from top to bottom.

I also made the above fairy nest as a photo prop (and as a fairy baby bed of course!) by connecting some gathered twigs and making a basket of sorts by weaving scrap yarn, fabric strips, and wool roving through the sticks and adding a little moss, some dried flowers, and a feather or two. It was so fun and relaxing that I wanted to make another one!

Each baby has their own little personality, a little cooing, a little sleeping, a little smiling. It brings me such joy to have the characters in my little world come to life. And with such cuteness!

This batch of little fairy babies is currently available at the shop! This will probably be the last batch for a few months since I've got some local craft shows I'll be attending and it's go time for assembling stock!