Paper Flowers

So after my daughter was born (January 22nd! She's over three months now! Ahh!!) I've been massively inspired. I've been cranking out little illustrations, sketches, and most notably these paper flowers. Made from crepe paper, mulberry paper, painted coffee filters, pom poms, vintage pips, and floral tape. I've fallen down the rabbit hole into a world full of these flowers. While making realistic looking flowers is enjoyable, it's the fantastically colored and abstract combinations that really tickle me. And the addition of glitter never hurts either.

These pink peonies will be used in my next scene! I'm so pleased, it's almost done. They were made from plain white coffee filters that I painted with gouache. Aren't they lovely?

These purple tinted flowers will be part of a new scene called The Night Garden. Lots of odd flowers, leaves, and night bugs!