A Week in Pictures, zombies and latex

I've been spending my days working instead of blogging ( I know, resolutions out the window, tsk tsk) but I've been making great strides on another story of mine. I needed a shorter story with fewer 3D illustrations to work on first since my other story will take about 2 to 3 years to produce at my current state and speed since it's about 20 illustrations. This new one is about a boy, his dog, and imaaagination and will have around 10 illustrations or so. Here's a few bits of concept and character work I've done this past week or so.

Each of these stories begins as concept sketches, though a lot of the character comes through when I'm sculpting, I still like to get these bits down on paper. From there I'll do a series of practice sculpts using basic characters before I begin a final sculpt. I also do sketches of all the floor plans and rooms so I can begin to create an inventory of things I need to sculpt and create.

I've also been branching out into new materials in an effort to create more flexible and reusable figures. I'd originally planned to do replacement figures for every scene but that's a lot of casting/sculpting especially for the felted characters. These zombie senior citizen heads are all done in latex using the build up method (thin individual layers of tinted latex built up over a epoxy, foam, and wire armature). They have flexible jaws, ears, eyebrows, and eyes where applicable and are a little crude since they're my first ones. I really loosely felted the grandma's hair using white wool, same goes for the zombie gentlemen up there. I haven't yet found acrylic eye beads this small (like the ones used for stop mo) so I used yellow vintage glass beads for the gramps and white howlite beads for the granny (plus it doesn't hurt to use what you've got in your stash, and boy oh boy my supplies are overflowing). Their bodies, which I'm currently working on, will be built up as well.

While these techniques work well for old people and dead people I don't know if the method is refined enough to use for the boy character since his skin is smooth and young, not old and rotting. Next I'll try sculpting his head in plastilina, molding it in plaster and casting it in latex. We'll see how that turns out.

Or if anyone I know has a 3D printer they could let me use that'd be awesome too. Hah!