It's a New Year

Badger says goodbye 2012, you were swell for the most part. A lot of really great things happened to me this year, both personally and artistically. We had our son, who is so friggin smart it blows my mind. He is funny and happy and awesome to be around. I also feel I defined the style I've been searching for and finally begun to sharpen my ideas and point of view as an artist and illustrator. I really pushed myself this year but I'm gonna do my best to work twice as hard this new year.

I like goals, and I like lists, so here's my list of goals for 2013.

  • Blog more. I know I like reading what other artists are doing and making so I'd like to feature more of the same. But I don't think anyone wants to hear about baby poop or laundry so I'll do my best to keep it art related.

  • Get at least 50% of my book done. That's half of the actual scenes completed. Lofty, I know. At this stage of storyboards I've got somewhere between 15-20 pages to complete the book so half that is ambitious. That leaves me about 1-2 months for a page. My family was very generous to me for Christmas and I ended up getting every piece of equipment/supply I need to finish the book including an airbrush, sewing machine, moldable plastic, and enough Dick Blick gift cards to buy the remaining bits like casting resin and silicone, gouache, etc. Coupled with the beautiful camera my husband gave me for my birthday I'm set.

  • Make and draw more things. This is a no-brainer. I'm always sketching and plotting and scheming but I need to actually make these things I'm sketching or complete a sketch via the computer or gouache or whatever. I'm sure my book will keep me busy but if I get the itch to stray and make something random I need to follow it. Or put cream on it.

  • Find a literary agent and/or publisher (I totally blame my friend Jackie for this one). This is new territory for me and this is contingent on how much of my book I've completed. While I've toyed with the idea of self-publishing there are many pits and disadvantages to doing so (such as libraries won't take your book, I'd probably have to crowd source the funds and I might feel like a mooch, etc) so I'd like to find an agent/publisher. This will also hopefully help me find additional work in the field.

  • Complete a portfolio website. This is one of the first things I'd like to do, I just have to remember how to code a website. Does anyone still code in straight HTML anymore? Am I a website dinosaur? Oy.

  • Take some more classes and get closer to getting my degree. After high school and well into my early 20's I sort of lost myself for a while and only within the past few years I've actually started to get my business together. I began taking college classes in 2008 but stopped shortly after. I've signed myself up for a class this spring and I'm nervous/excited/might throw up about it but I paid for it so dammit I'm going. I'm on the 10 year plan but eventually I'd like to get my MFA in Illustration. That's a long term goal though but I'll get there.

So there we have it. It's a monster of a list but I'm holding myself to it. Here's to a great New Year and all the beautiful things that come with it.