Floating Along in Mangrove Swamp

Floating Along in Mangrove Swamp, gouache on paper

Dear summer, where art thou? I'm longing for warm days. I suppose you could call this a valentines image since it's a girl possum and boy gator just having a good time. I wonder if they're worried about mosquitoes? You can find prints of this purty painting at my Society 6 page.

Some WIPS, originally posted on my Twitter @saltmoths.

In other news I started my class I said I was taking. It's a painting class, an elective needed for my degree, and I've chosen to work in oils since it's the one paint I'm not too familiar with. I'm much more of a gouache/watercolor girl but I enjoy the challenge. But ohhh the amount of supplies I've had to purchase. Oils are damn expensive. I've also chosen to paint on wood rather than spend $20 a week on canvasses which comes to about $3 a week instead. Brilliant! I'm all about getting some art supplies on the cheap (thank you, Dick Blick)

I'll be starting the first piece for my picture book this month which is the storyboard sunrise image I painted here. I'm anticipating lots of tin foil, paperclay, and paper will be strewn about the studio...