Some Illustration and other things

In keeping with my illustrative nature I've been needing to put together a few pieces for a real portfolio. Plus I was bitten by the bug after working on my story boards so I've been doing a TON of sketching. This critter is going on a voyage and was inspired by watching my husband play the game Journey, which is such a lovely game. The scenery is so breath taking. Done with gouache and a little Photoshop color fussing.

A recently completed commission for a corseted dress form. The form is needle felted and the corset is made from canvass in a green leopard print with hand embroidered details. The straps are some satin ribbon I added embroidered details to, as is the choker.

A little typography bit. I needed a small place to keep all the swatches of fabric I have so I can see what I've got at a glance because pawing through a set of drawers and two large bins just isn't cutting it. I pasted 1" x 1" squares of all my fabrics, sorted by color, to the pages of this small moleskin cashier notebook. And because I can't leave well enough alone I had to paint something purty on the front.