Sunrise on the Mountain River

A little snippit of what I've been doing; storyboards! Gotta figure out what everyone is doing and when in my story so I know exactly what to build. Plus any excuse to do a small gouache painting is fiiiine with me, I love gouache. I normally paint my backgrounds and that's it so I really had a great time doing this painting. My backgrounds are typically 12"x32" so doing something 10"x6" was so relaxing. This is one of the opening scenes, a village built around a tree by the edge of a mountain river. You can tell who lives in each house by the shape of their windows, they're all different.

I'm really focused on establishing a definitive style for the book, a focused color palette and characters. I'm so pleased with everything so far, I wish I had time to do a full color painting for each storyboard. Ahh someday! Gone are the salad days of free time. What is free time? I have a nearly 6 month old baby, we ain't got no free time. We have pureed carrots and apples, which are deeelicious by the way (ya know, gotta do that quality control, ahem)

Here's the WIP, you can see the corner of my sketchbook with another storyboard sketch in it. And the very well used state of my self healing mat.