Little Leaves

To those curious and those paying close attention, I updated my banner. I'm fickle. I like to mix it up. I also made a Tumblr for the site buuuut I can't guarantee how often that'll be updated. This will always remain the main site for all my work and jibber jabber.

Here's a little closeup without the photo editing (just some brightening, removing most of the texture to match the white background) just proving it's an actual photo that I took. I did the hand lettering (a huuuge passion of mine, I'll post about it someday) in gouache and each leaf was hand painted and then punched out using a paper punch and hand sculpted. I've only recently realized the glory that is the paper punch. They're expensive but worth it, especially when you've got to make over 1,000 leaves. I usually don't really try too hard to achieve ultra realism, it's just not my thing, but these turned out pretty nice.

A little WIP diorama I'm working on as a private commission. The background is done in gouache and watercolor on cold press watercolor paper mounted on matte board. I've already sculpted the sand and things, it should be done soon.

More WIP on the Halloween scene, a pumpkin house. In my sketch I pictured this house as a gourd but after realizing the one I'd purchased was solid Styrofoam and would need a lot of work to carve out and electrify I opted to go with the typical pumpkin. I reshaped the stem though. It was originally about an inch tall, stubby and laaame. This is much better. Maybe next year when I've got the time (or I start earlier, ha!) I'll do a papier mache gourd.

I think I bit off more than I could chew with this scene. I pictured rolling hills of corn stalks, a vast landscape of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns but I think I'm going to have to scale it back in order to get it done before Halloween. This month is just too full for me, with running my other shop and making all our Halloween costumes (I always do, I can't stand those expensive pre-made polyester costumes, gross!) and my sister's and husband's birthdays it's just a little much for me. It's gonna be like this till Christmas, oy. Sometimes things just get too busy and being a mom is a 24/7/365-forever job that leaves little time for extra things. Sometimes I'm really thankful I make small things, otherwise it'd take me fooooorever to get anything done. Forever is a relative term here.