Birthday Cat

Beach cat, Birthday cat, 2012 Diorama

This was the diorama I was working on as a private commission. It was bittersweet working on something so summery while it's getting quite chilly outside.

There's many personal elements contained within this piece as it was meant as sort of a 3-D birthday card, something that could be displayed for a long time. As always, everything was made by hand and the box was constructed from matboard and covered in decorative paper. I really really wanted sunglasses to go in this piece but I couldn't craft them in a way that didn't just look like I cut out some paper and painted the lenses black so I scrapped it. Maybe tinted vellum for the lenses? Cast resin? Hmm...

I was so pleased with the expression of this figure and it's the first one that I really felt the life in. I just love her little retro swimsuit and cheeky grin. Such a glamour girl.