All Hallows

All Hallows, 2012

Spooky, no? Silly rabbits with their ghost summoning games. I went through several different iterations of a Halloween themed piece but settled on this because of time restrictions (gotta start that Holiday stuff and work on my book!!) I'm so in love with my little jack-o-lanterns, don't they look all lively once they've been lit up?

As usual, everything was crafted by me using paper, gouache, wool and cloth, clay, and real sticks and moss. I used some cheap glow sticks for the cauldron, they worked out pretty well! The practical set for this is approximately 15 inches wide and built in 1/12th scale. Minimal Photoshop was used to remove wires and do a little color correction, I like to keep it as digitally untouched as possible. The moon was just awfully bright during this shoot ahem ;-)

I hope everyone has a spooky holiday and stuffs themselves full of candy and sweets!