The Campers

The Campers

Here is the final product, about a month and a half in the making. The final size of this set is just about 18 little inches wide (about 46 cm) and I've created everything (except the pots, plates, and flatware. These were perfect and too good to pass up!). The scale is 1/12, so one inch in big land equals one foot in little land. It's a scale I always work it, it's easy to obtain little items if I go bonkers and can't make anything else. Also, it's much easier to store tiny things than big things.

I decided to go with realistic trees, crafted from real twigs and moss, instead of the painted ones. I think these, at least for this scene, look more lush.

I really enjoyed pushing myself with this project. It's been tough to set aside time to do real work, though my husband gives me plenty of "in the studio" time and wrangles the baby. I enjoyed working with different materials, such as paper and stiffened fabric, to bring this scene to life.

Things I learned from working on this; your set can never be too big! I had originally only painted a single paneled backdrop but quickly discovered that due to the depth of the set that it needed to be double the width. Also, natural lighting is always best!

Now onto the next one!