Inspiration- Colors; Vintage Primaries

My latest color inspiration are these primary colors and they seem to be popping up in my current miniature work and in every day life. Saffron, warm red, dark cyan, and chestnut. These colors evoke vintage 60's and 70's, calico prints, classrooms (very appropriate since it's the first day of school in my neck of the woods), old boy scout uniforms, worn leather boots, and picnics. It's that transition from hot sticky summer days spent outside to cooling fall temperatures and crisp autumn air. I'm using this palette very heavily in the piece I'm currently working on, the camping trip.

An assemblage of current pieces from my work and life. From the left to right, a tumbler with a multicolored broken chevron pattern, a copper lid to a set of canisters I store supplies in, a cyan paper drink umbrella (I am obsessed with these, always have been since childhood), a cotton patchwork quilt I'm nearly finished with that will be put to use in several upcoming miniature scenes, a small beaded Native American doll given to me by my mother and found in her mother's house, a favorite pair of my sunglasses (I always gravitate towards the same shape of shades), a small tin globe pencil sharpener (you can totally see a ton of countries written on this little thing, it's so perfect), a brown cotton and leather backpack made with scraps and an old wallet, the red bicycle, an archery target and quiver for our campers, a mechanical pencil (my husband brings these home for me, they're always so brightly colored), 642 Things to Draw, and my current sketchbook (I always use Moleskine sketchbooks. After years of trying to find something affordable and durable enough to take the righteous beating I give my sketchbooks, I finally discovered these. Leather bound, good page weight, the little pocket in the back, and the elastic keeps it all together. I hand-painted this one with some trees.)

A better close up of the miniatures. I used some scraps from all sorts of projects to put this quilt together, save your scraps! That light and dark brown striped ticking is one of my favorite fabrics taken from an old thrifted skirt, the weight is so thin it's perfect for little projects. I'll be sad when it's all gone. I used that red fabric with little lavender stars to make this chair. The backpack is one of several I've made for the campers, it even has little buckles on those leather straps. I'm in love with that little quiver and target but I'm struggling to figure out what to craft the bow from.

What does this palette inspire for you?