Harvest WIP

Thanks everyone for the great response to The Campers. I've transitioned into my next scene, and it miiiight have something to do with Halloween.... might. No promises.

The jack-o-lanterns above were so fun to work on. They are sculpted from paper clay (my clay of choice. I'd rather wait for something to dry then wait for something to bake and cool. I know this makes me a little nutty.) and painted with acrylic and gouache. They also light up! I electrified them all to glow with candlelight, it's sooo cool!

A cornstalk for the next miniature scene. Made from some old crusty raffia and inspired by this tutorial (though I'm never one for tutorials, I just like to see the inspiration. Step by step? Booooring! Trial and error? Yay!)

The obligatory messy work table shot. I always see the gorgeous photos taken of a super neat and organized studio with everything in it's place and all I think it "man that's pretty they either cleaned up all their junk or they never do work in there." I make messes. And I sometimes clean them up. No promises.