Bits and parts around the studio

A little bit of this, a touch of that, all done during nap times.

Work is steady on the camping trip, the Blue Ridge mountains are realized in watercolor and bedrolls are stitched. I can already taste the s'mores...

More birch trees. I think they're my favorite trees to paint since they're easily slapped together but produce such satisfying results. This time they're not mounted on "impossible to cut with human hands and I've given up" board but instead just relying on the structural integrity of the watercolor paper. Fingers and hands everywhere rejoice. Remember, I learn things the hard way.

Moths, revisited. The large moth on the left was the first character I ever felted and the structure shows. I'm surely still in love with it but I've made vast improvements on the design. To the right on the floral sofa sits a newly crafted moth using all the skills I currently possess but with the same materials; rabbit fur, wool, feathers, and cloth. I much prefer the smaller of the two for the book and from tippy toes to tops of antennae the salt moth is 2.5 inches tall. I could go smaller but this is good for now.

Remember that kitchen? Well it needs a sink, and a vintage inspired porcelain one does me just fine. Also, finding a metallic paint that actually looks like chromed metal is impossible. If you know otherwise please enlighten me. I like shiny things.