And baby makes three...

Forgive my extended absence but my husband and I are proud parents! My son was born May 2nd and it's been a whirlwind of sleepless nights and very full days of entertaining baby. He is so awesome and he smiles and talks all the time now. I've hardly had time to work on anything but I did manage to get one of the sets completed for the book, a kitchen! Well, the walls of a kitchen anyway.
Lots of gesso and hand cut paper tiles. After cutting them all by hand I invested in a rotary cutter just to make my life easier for next time.
I have a lot more to complete on it, including cabinets, counter tops, and a porcelain sink, mostly all made out of paper. If you cover paper in gesso and paint it it can look like anything and it's surely cheap.
My birthday also passed on July 1st and my husband bought me a new camera! The Nikon D5100, it's beautiful. It's giving me headaches trying to learn all there is to figure out on it but I've been tinkering a little with it. Proof is above, miniatures and my messy studio desk, two things I do pretty well.