Mad for Millinery

I've been tinkering with things lately in the tiny set design department, mostly drawing story boards, taking measurements, fiddling with lighting elements. After the purchase of some fabric stiffener I had to stretch my maker muscles and I turned to millinery. I usually don't focus on separate accessories unless they're part of a costume for a character but I've had an idea for a sailing story I'd like to breathe life into so it was an excuse for thinking about Neverland. I'm almost to the point where I feel as though every character I currently have needs a coordinating hat. There's something so dapper but so coy about a lovely little hat.

Little felt tricorn hats with molded crowns embellished with colorful feathers such as guinea, peacock, hackle, and duck. I've been pumping these out furiously since they're such a cinch to put together. While I usually cringe at the over use of the word "whimsy", I feel these have it.

A little brown straw hat just in time for Easter tied with pale pink ribbon and salmon and cream colored dried flowers at the nape. Maybe whoever wears this hat is romping around looking for eggs.

Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning.