Around the Studio

Been working on a few things here and there, mostly drafting set designs for my book. My pregnancy limits my mobility so I try not to push myself too far lest I pop out my baby before he's done cooking. I've been recently bitten by the watercolor bug again so I've been designing set pieces that I can paint instead of build. The studio is running out of space veeeery quickly.

Some watercolor painted Birch trees for background shots. I mounted the watercolor paper on thick cardboard with spray adhesive and it's SO THICK and it's taking forever to cut through. In hindsight it was foolish to use 3 cm thick cardboard but I was all "I want it to be all strong and stiff" and well my fingers are about to fall off but damn it's gonna look cool.

In a trip to the local Goodwill to acquire some silk shirts to repurpose I found these tiny dried flowers in all sorts of colors; yellow, salmon, hot pink, fuschia, straw, but these odd green ones just tickle me. They are perfect for miniatures so I grabbed them all. $2.99? Can't be beat. I very rarely find pieces I can use in their current state at second hand stores so I always get giddy whenever I find something.

A moody area of one of the miniature houses. A small glass vase is filled with some of the hot pink flowers from the Goodwill on the kitchen table. All the furniture is second hand; another thrifting find. Isn't the orange apple print on those old little chairs to die for? Yeah.

More trees! A two foot tall autumn maple tree I've been working on here and there. It currently has over 300 hand painted scale maple leaves on it and probably needs 500 more. Luckily I used a paper punch to cut out the leaves instead of cutting them by hand or else I'd go crazy. You know me, I love tedious work, but this became daunting so I put it down for a little while. I still occasionally find a stray leaf floating around the studio as a taunting reminder to finish it already. I hear ya, Tree, I hear ya.