The First House

Let me say first that I generally enjoy tedium. Any small task I usually jump at, reveling in the details of it all. That's why I love things like embroidery and needle felting. Through the tediousness of it you get to see the transformation as it unfolds and creates something lovely.

That being said, I will never build another dollhouse kit again. Ever. At least not for a while. Maybe I did it wrong, I should have painted it first and THEN assembled it instead of how I did it; assembly first, paint and staining second. I bought the kit in July as a birthday present to myself and I've been working on it whenever I get a spare moment (fewer and farther between lately) and the facade is FINALLY finished.

The kit I chose was the Orchid by Corona Concepts. I liked it's affordability and all wood design. The wood is cheap plywood and the pieces pop out of it which made them difficult to sand and I even had some pieces completely splinter and fall apart as though the wood had rotted.

Handmade crystal doorknob crafted from a small bead and some copper sheeting.

I wanted the exterior walls of this house to have texture, like stucco. I used a remnant, or oops paint, in an ivory color and built up many layers. I then took a broken comb and applied texture while the paint was still wet. Over the ivory color I chose a peach colored paint.

My goal for this house is to create as much of the furnishing from scratch as I can and when I've gone crazy then I'll purchase a few kits or ready made pieces.

Looks like someone is moving in!